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Cockertails, the name inspired by the always happy, wagging tails of cocker spaniels. 

Pictured below, D.C. Little Sunflower (D.C. stands for 'Dark Chocolate') is cooling off in the kiddie pool.

DC is a dad again! 4 precious little dark chocolate cocker boys remaining in his litter.  They are listed under our available baby puppies page.

D.C. is my smallest, darkest chocolate boy and he is about to be the father of the nicest looking group of beautiful, small, dark chocolate cocker spaniels with Miss Daisy.

The above picture is of 3 chocolate cockers playing in a kiddie pool.

Want to skip the puppy phase? Try an older puppy!  Above, a very cute video of  one of our older puppies, 'RJ' - now living in his new home!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my website for cocker spaniel puppies. I have hundreds of great pictures and videos to add to the site.

I have been raising cocker spaniels for 13 years. There is no better dog for kids and people of all ages. Cockers are playful, yet love to cuddle and sleep.  You can't go wrong with purchasing one of our puppies - thanks for your interest! :)

More information about me and cocker spaniels will be added every day. In the mean time, if you need to contact me feel free to call or text anytime:

Ryan Hughes
Oklahoma City, OK